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3D Printing

3D Print N Scan offers high spec and finish polyjet, rigid opaque, 3D printed parts.
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Why not let 3D Print ‘N’ Scan turn your digital designs into a physical reality!

Simply contact us and send your design as a digital CAD file, STL

or a 2D drawing for a free no obligation quote.


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What are Rigid Opaque photopolymers / UV resins?

Rigid Opaque photopolymers / UV resins are a multipurpose material for visual models and engineering prototypes and products.

Compared against common engineering plastics, like standard ABS, PLA or nylon, Rigid Opaque Photopolymers / UV resins are stronger and stiffer than that of these or other industrial plastics.

 See our materials & data page, for material specifications.

Rigid Opaque materials / UV resins have mechanical characteristics closer to that of an acrylic than any other typical 3D Printed plastic, making them an ideal material for fit, form & function, sales & marketing, where functional testing, patterns, prototypes and models require high finishes and tolerances, to show case your designs.


V12 Pneumatic Engine

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Need repeatability, accuracy, and interchangeability?

Why not use a 3D Printed Jig to hold your work in position and guide tools while you work on it.
or use a fixture to keep your part where you want it, when checking and testing of a part.
Need a Jig or Fixture 3D Printing and/or designing?
Get in touch today!

V12 Pneumatic EnginePolyJet Printing - The Process

Starting with the initial design on the screen of your CAD software – A 3D Printer file is produced & sent to the 3D Printer - the 3D printer then proceeds to lay down individual layers of liquid photopolymer resins – that are jetted at a rate of millions of droplets per minute from inkjet heads very similar to those in standard paper-feed printers.
The difference is that this liquid is then hardened or ‘cured’ by a UV light that follows the print head on each run – thereby ’building’ each layer before the next layer is applied.
After this process is repeated thousands of times – an accurate 3D model, prototype or part can be removed from the printer - By utilizing 3D Printing, tooling and parts can be produced in a much faster time, and at a fraction of the cost of a traditionally manufactured prototype part.

3D Modelling

3D Print ‘N’ Scan can help turn your ideas into functioning physical scale models.

Why not let 3D Print ‘N’ Scan turn your digital designs into a physical reality! Simply email us your design as a digital CAD file or 2D drawing, for a free no obligation quote.


3D Print ‘N’ Scan can help turn your ideas into a functioning physical product.