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3D Scanning

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3D Print ‘N’ Scan can help turn your physical parts into 3D CAD models.

With state of the art 3D scanning equipment, you can send your parts to us, to transform them into digital designs, from a physical part, by using reverse engineering.

We can then modify the 3D model to suit your needs, or send you the newly created 3D CAD file back, for you to do with as you wish.

Our 3D scanned models are produced by using blue light & laser technology, where we are able to capture complex geometry, producing extremely accurate 3D models.

Advantages of 3D Scanning

  • Time saved in R&D (Research & Development).
  • Non-contact while scanning, stopping any damage of parts.
  • Quickly capture all the detail of a physical object.
  • Create 3D models, for parts that were designed, before modern CAD technology.
  • Quickly measure scanned complex parts in a 3D CAD package.
  • Accurately check production parts for tolerance and possible wear on tooling.
  • Ensure parts manufactured in different parts of the world will fit together, without the need for shipping costs.
  • Scan existing physical parts, to allow casting moulds to be designed.
  • Reduce the need to keep re taking measurements, by capturing all dimensional data in one go, allowing unlimited quick and easy measurements to be taken on CAD software.
  • Reproduce a damaged object, which can be digitally repaired, using CAD software and reproduced, using 3D printing or CNC technology.

Why use 3D Print ‘N’ Scan

By using 3D Print ‘N’ Scans advanced scanning technology, the ability to reverse engineer parts, for which a drawing might not exist anymore, will save you time and money, in not having to redesign parts from scratch.

Please see our 3D CAD page, for drafting and detailing, of 3D CAD models.

With our scanning services, you can also control the quality of new products and designs, with complex geometry, by taking measurements of the objects.

Within minutes we will have scanned your parts and exported them, for use in a variety of CAD packages and the resulting 3D model is ready to be modified straight away.

The scanning area range is 90-180mm in height by 70-140mm in width at a depth of 0.17-0.35M, when the scanner is stationary, but due to the hand held nature of the equipment, we are capable of scanning larger objects.

If you have any questions or would like some more information on our 3D Scanning service please...