With over 20 years in mechanical design and manufacture we have the expertise and experience to make functional products for you.

Using the latest technology, to provide high quality 3D Printed parts and bespoke models using additive manufacturing & other state of the art technologies to meet our customers, specific needs and requirements.

We pride ourselves on working with our clients, from concept to finished product, and offer free consultation throughout each project.

As with any new customer we understand 3D Printing maybe a new technology to them, so our goal is to provide you with an upfront, enjoyable, honest service, with our knowledge and expertise.

We work with and produce 3D Printed parts and scale models, for clients who wish to keep there IP (Intellectual Property) to them selves!

So if you require us to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) we are more than happy to do so!

Our staff & machines produce parts, 24 Hours a day, and are kept serviced and calibrated, using the latest techniques and equipment on the market.

This allows us to produce 3D printed parts & models, with resolutions down to 16 microns/0.016mm.

With these in house proprietary processes, which govern regular machine and equipment calibration, we are able to print wall thicknesses down to 0.3mm, depending on your design!

In fact, we can produce highly detailed parts, with some of the highest quality surface finishes and precision available, combined with our skills in finishing, ensures that you receive the highest quality parts every time.

3D Print N Scan supports you every step of the way!

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Find out how we can deliver

Honed processes that deliver significant on-time delivery results.

Unrivalled supply chain and logistics management.

A close working relationship that helps reduce cost and that adds value to your business.

An end-to-end service from concept to finished product.

A reliable material procurement process, allowing the fulfilment of your order.


Are you having trouble finding suitable ways to showcase your designs?

Have you considered outsourcing this operational need?

you have outgrown your existing off the shelf products?

Are you struggling to recruit the staff with the correct skills, and cant justify the capital expenditure of buying a machine yourself!?

Is further investment in plant and equipment really the right decision for your business?


Think for a moment! if you: 

  • Are you unable to react to significant changes in customer demand?
  • Are more about design, innovation and customer service?
  • Your current supplier has been over charging you for years?
  • Do you have quiet periods that result in inefficient “down time” with machines standing idle?
  • Have you struggled to deliver bespoke customer orders due to problems in the supply chain?
  • Do you lack the primary skill sets required to manufacture of prototypes?
  • Are your designers and engineers spending too much time on the factory floor?


If the answer to any of these is yes, then you should outsource to us! Contact us Today! For a free quote.


Why not let 3D Print ‘N’ Scan turn your digital designs into a physical reality! Simply email us your design as a digital CAD file or 2D drawing, for a free no obligation quote.