Cyber Essentials

3D Print N Scan Ltd. | Cyber Essentials Certified

Having established ourselves as one of Hampshire & the UK’s leading PolyJet 3D Printing / additive manufacturing (AM) providers for plastic PolyJet parts, IT Security and protection of clients files and our own has been one of our biggest driving forces from the start.

"Guarding against the most common cyber threats demonstrate our commitment to cyber security!"

So as our company has grown, we recognize the need to show our customers, our continuous commitment to IT Security.

We gained our Cyber Essentials Certificate of Compliance in November 2017 to demonstrate to our clients our commitment to cyber security, and to show you we are serious in the protection of your data, showing that we strive to continually improve our IT Security and provide a secure high quality services in all aspects of the business.

"You have a clear picture of  our organisation's cyber security commitment"

So, having recognize the importance of implementing an IT Security management system, which would provide our customers with the knowledge, of us striving to have the highest levels of cyber security! It was imperative that we obtained this certification.

Certificate confirmation can be confirmed on the QG standards website, click Hear and enter certification number "QGCE1361" in the search box.

So What does Cyber Essentials certified mean?

Cyber Essentials helps us to guard against the most common cyber threats and demonstrate our commitment to cyber security, by using firewalls to secure our Internet connection.

We choose the most secure settings for our devices and software, and control who has access to your data within our organization.

Our software is also kept up to date to protect our systems from viruses and other malware, we have changed our website to "https://" HTTP Secure is an extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol "HTTP" for secure communication over a computer network, so when you send files direct from our website to us, you know your files will not get into a 3rd parties hands,  we have done this to show you our organisation's cyber security commitment.

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