☆Why use 3D Printing, over conventional methods? 3D printing allows the manufacture of complex designs, not possible with conventional methods! CAD designers can show their customers their design as a physical part, allowing changes before the outlay of money, on expensive tooling for mass production.
☆What If I only have a drawing! Can you make a digital file for 3D Printing? Yes! We have the latest CAD to produce 3D models from your 2D designs, & we are able to convert them into 3D Printer compatible files for you!
☆Can you produce a 3D Printer .STL file for me, from a physical object? We have the ability to Scan your parts, and produce a 3D file for you, which can be used in a 3D Printer, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.
☆What level of detail I can get, by printing in PolyJet? PolyJet produces layers at 0.016mm, with an X/Y resolution of 0.05mm at its best resolution.
☆Can I use PolyJet parts like injection molded parts? PolyJet parts are not the same as injection moulded parts, because the material is not injected into a mold as a molten mass, instead it is sprayed in 16micron layers onto a bed, although each layer is fully bonded! It does not have the same mechanical properties of injection molded parts, but is ideal to test fit, form & function, before the expense of injection molding tooling.
☆What is your typical turnaround on 3D Printed parts? PolyJet technology is one of the quickest types of 3D Printing around, and our turnaround time on parts, is usually 1-2 Days, dependent on the quantity and size of part(s).
Why are my parts so expensive, compared to FDM? There are a lot of reasons your part(s) might be expensive! when compared to FDM Printing.
  • We have a minimum order charge, to cover the cost of cleaning up your parts after printing.
  • Resin is more expensive than FDM filament per Kg, but you get the detail, and flat smooth walls and features within tolerance that you require, which you don't get with FDM.
  • Our PolyJet printing, prints in higher resolutions than most types of 3D Printers, with a smooth plastic finish, ready for display or painting.
  • Most FDM printers, print to a 0.05mm minimum layer height, Polyjet prints to 0.016mm.
  • The parts are solid with no internal lattice! Even if it was designed hollow, because the void will be filled with support material, to support overhanging features, which is required due to printing with a liquid resin.
  • A Polyjet part does not shear or crumble, like an FDM part, when printing fine detail.
  • Most FDM printers have a nozzle hole diameter of o.4mm, so the minimum a feature can be is 0.4mm, if you take a radii for instance, Polyjet prints in 0.1mm droplets, so your minimum radii will be 0.2mm, with a ±0.1mm tolerance, giving you  a part with greater detail.
☆What is the smallest hole size you can produce? For Vertical holes open at the top on a gloss setting 1mm. If you have a part with smaller hole sizes please get in touch!
☆What size Part(s) can you print? Our print bed area is 300mm x 200mm x 150mm, But dependent on your design, we might be able to split your part(s) and assemblies, to allow them to be printed.
☆How do I pay? We accept Credit or Debit cards through PayPal, or you can pay by BACS from the details on our invoice.
☆Do you do discounts on larger volumes? Once you send us your design, and quantity required, we will calculate the price of the model, and work out the time it takes to print your part and post process it, in order to provide you with a quote, like anything the more parts you require the cheaper it will be.
☆How much does shipping cost? We provide an all inclusive price, so the price quoted is the only price.
☆How do I cancel an order? It all depends on where your order is in the process!
  • If we have not started processing your order, we can cancel it.
  • If we have started printing/processing your parts, you might incur a charge, how much is dependent on where we are in the process.
☆What happens to my intellectual property rights, when I send you a design to print? Your IP remains yours, and we will not divulge any information to any 3rd parties, without your written consent, unless it violates any of our T&C's. When you have a part 3D Printed with us, you then receive proof that you hold the physical part, when it was made, and who it was made by, which you can use when patenting your design, or in the case of a legal dispute, to show you came up with and manufactured the design first. 3D Print N Scan are also quite happy to sign an NDA, if you wish to keep your part/product under wraps, and only show parts with your consent.
☆What file formats do you use? We accept STL / STEP (stp.) / IGES.
☆What materials can you print in? See our materials & data page for the materials we use.
☆Will a hollow part save me money? With POLYJET using Liquid resin, the cavity will be filled with support material, which has a cost. If you wish to produce a hollow part, it should be designed in multiple pieces, so the top of each section is open, which we can print on a gloss setting, to save you money. The parts can then be bonded together after printing.
These FAQs are guidance only! please refer to the website T&Cs for full details.