Intellectual Property – Are your Designs and products safe!

Intellectual Property – Are your Designs and products safe!

With the introduction of 3D Printing pushing its way to the forefront and the heart of manufacturing, are your designs and products really safe from being copied?

The answer is NO! anyone can and will copy anything, which is the hard truth of the matter in the 21st century.

So, with this in mind I am going to explain how to protect your Intellectual property to some extent, so people can’t just rip of your design, reverse engineer them, 3D print them, and make money from your hard work!

3D Printers are starting to be available in many shapes and forms, and can print a multitude of materials, these are becoming more and more available to the mass public, from your cheep £200 FDM printers to your £800,000+ commercial SLS/SLA printers.

And with the latest state of the art scanning machines and software available, ripping of peoples designs and selling them for your own, is becoming one of the everyday easiest things to do!

If you didn’t already know! The copying of a physical part can be done by the scanning or photographing of the part, simply by using a mobile phone and some free software of the internet, to state of the art laser and light scanners.

But I’m not hear to, nor am I going to explain how to copy and re produce parts!

By protecting your Intellectual property, it makes it easier to take legal action, against anyone who wishes to steal it or copy it.

As the owner of a design or product It’s your responsibility to look after your intellectual property and to take action if someone decides to use it without your permission!

With the nature of producing first offs which are not protected, so you can start protecting your designs and products, at 3DPrint’N’ScanLtd. We will not share your design(s) with anyone without having asked you first, and if necessary we will sign a (NDA) non-disclosure agreement with you, if you require us to, so you can be assured at this point in the progress your protected.

Now with regards to your design(s) and product(s), there are many types of protection you can use, relating to your 3D designs and physical products, and some types of protection you are granted automatically!

“Copyright” protects your designs and products, and can stops others from using it, without your permission!

You get copyright protection automatically when you create a design or 3D file, but you will need proof of when you created the design, if you want to claim it as yours, and if someone else tries to sell it as their own, but this only applies to the data, shape and layout of your design.

Unfortunately, just having the design does not protect you! from someone else manufacturing your design, by the means of reverse engineering it from a photo or getting hold of your design, so to protect your product and its form you should consider having your 3D design, 3D printed so you possess the physical part, ( 3DPrint’N’ScanLtd. offer a 3D printing services to help you with this) and then registering your design and product with a copyright and patent.

So, to conclude! What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property is something no one else has, and is unique/ a one off.

It has to be something that you have physically created, whether it be written, digital, or physical, it cannot just be the idea in your head.

If you require any further help, or wish to discuss how to register your 3D Designs as your intellectual property, please feel free to contact 3D Print N Scan Ltd, where we will be happy to help you.