Machining VS 3D Printing

Machining VS 3D Printing

Machining VS 3D Printing

Machining VS 3D Printing

Manufacture of parts has always had its problems!

For many years parts have been made from an assembly of parts, where they are welded/fused together to become one part, once all the required items have been manufactured using traditional methods.

With 3D Printing now taking hold within the manufacturing industry, there comes one major difference!

You no longer need to design with machining of multiple components in mind, and weld/fuse them together to produce one part at the end.

With machining you only have 1 recourse and that is to remove material, even to produce bolt holes and for fillets for welding.

That being said there is a time and a place for the machining of multiple components, which all depends on the time and resources you have to hand!

Say hello to 3D Printing!

And throw out the rule book on design for manufacture.

Parts can now be designed and made as one part, where machining might have been a very expensive process.

Consider the tooling requirements with jigs & fixtures, Drill bits, End mills and multiple machines!

Think about Drilling a ∅3mm hole in a face 150mm from the chuck 40mm deep!

It is more than likely you will have some annoyed machinists on the shop floor, and a drawing office manager upset with the time you have wasted in designing the part.

Take this assembly fixture;

Machining VS 3D Printing

With normal design for manufacture principals it would be easy for a machine shop to produce the part in 3 pieces;

Machining VS 3D Printing

and weld them together after to make 1 part, but there are the extra costs of design and machining multiple parts, and welding to consider.

Now! What if you only want 5 off of this part, as a solid plastic component!

You will be looking at the production of injection moulding tooling or vacuum casting tooling, not financially viable for 5 parts!

That’s where 3D Printing comes in!

With a part like this you can print it as one solid part, as a one off or a small batch saving you time and money in design and manufacture, and have the part in your hands in a matter of hours.