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Materials & Data

POLYJET printing produces plastic parts with smooth surface finishes, high resolution and accuracy, with finer details than that of (SLA) 3D Printing.
prototypes and parts printed with POLYJET 3D Printing, like this V12 reciprocating engine, can be used for fit form & function, Sales & marketing!
 A list of the material we use and there material data can be found below;
V12 Pneumatic Engine

High Temperature (RGD525)

This is one of the best materials for use in heat testing of any PolyJet material.

It has an amazing surface finish, is strong and stiff, and is ideal for non moving parts that require thermal testing.

Use it to test hot-air flow or hot-water flow in/on 3D Printed pipe and tap prototypes, up to 80°C after thermal treatment.

High Temperature Material (RGD525)

Durus White RGD430-Polypropylene-like Materials

Durus White (RGD430) Offers toughness and durability within the standard PolyJet material range.

It has a very good surface finish, for smooth prototypes and you can produce living hinges, flexible enclosures and snap-fit parts with this material.

DurusWhite RGD430-Polypropylene-like Materials

Vero Clear RGD810-Transparent Materials

Vero Clear (RGD810) is a nearly colorless material, it has great dimensional stability, and fine detail can be produced with it.

Where ever support material is used, the surface will have a slight frosted look, but if you need to simulate Polymethylmethacrylate - Acrylic - PMMA  then this is an ideal material to use.

VeroClear RGD810-Transparent Materials

Vero Gray (RGD850), Vero Black Plus (RGD875), Vero White Plus (RGD835), Vero Blue (RGD840).

With our range of standard materials you can get a part that simulate the plastics of your end product.

It has good dimensional stability and produces high detail parts.

VeroGray RGD850, VeroBlackPlus RGD875, VeroWhitePlus RGD835, VeroBlue RGD840

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