Model Making

If we go back in time for a moment! For centuries people have been producing models to show their ideas to others, from chiseling stone and carving wood, to modern day machining and CAD, and with technology advancements in modern machines & materials, it is now even easier to get the desired effect for your designs and show case them as intended.

3D Print ‘N’ Scan, a professional 3D printing service, can help turn your ideas, sketches, or 3D CAD models, into functioning physical scale models.

With state of the art 3D printers, CAD, scanning equipment & hand tools, we can work with you, or you can send your designs to us, to transform them and bring them to life.

v12 6mbBy using skills learnt over many years, 3D Print N Scan can produce commercial models with all the parts required, by handcrafting and machining, to produce finished parts with individual detail and finishes, then assemble them as one, ready to be displayed or used for sales and marketing or at an exhibition, where a scale model will attract a crowd and potential customers or investors.

Our models are produced with high grade plastics from our 3D Printers, in whole or in part, but we also have the experience to produce models in a different range of materials, such as card, metal or wood, to name a few materials, to produce your finished models.

When using your CAD data to produce the model, it can sometimes iron out problems in the design or assembly, not previously thought of, before manufacturing the real article.


If you wish to commission a model with 3D Print N Scan, we will make time to discuss your requirements with you in detail, and ascertain what you want to get out of the model, where it will be on display, what the lead time is for us producing the model, will the model have any functionality and your deadline.

After that we will require any sketches, plans, PDF's and CAD files you may have to help with providing a quote.

If you decide you are happy with the quote provided, we will start on the designing or building of the model, and keep you informed at regular intervals with the progress, until the project is complete and the model is delivered.

If you require changes be made to the design, alterations can be incorporated at any stage during construction! But a charge might be incurred if work has already been carried out.

Large scale alterations may also affect the completion date, but will we usually try to implement minor changes without any additional cost or delays to you or the project.

We also produce custom bespoke model railway parts, like the park bench seat kit on the left.

Don't worry if you are unsure, weather your design can be printed or not, one of our team can take a look and let you know!

We can also 3D model your design if you don't have access to 3D CAD software.  

Why not let 3D Print ‘N’ Scan turn your ideas & designs into a physical reality! Simply email us your design or give us a call, for a free no obligation quote.