7 Reasons to use 3D Print N Scan, for your 3D Printing requirements.


1. Show prospective clients a 3D Model to aid in sales & marketing! A picture paints a thousand words, so a physical 3D model will allow true visualization of a design, to help engage your customers.


2. Lower out goings! you only pay for the prints you want when you want them, with no monthly rental charges or upfront costs of capital equipment.


3. No requirement for employing skilled trained staff to run or maintain the equipment, PolyJet 3D Printing machines are require to be run at least once a week to stop the lines blocking and you having serious repair costs or insurance.


4. Checking your design(s) for fit form & function before the investment in injection molding, machining or casting tooling, could save you tens of thousands of pounds!


5. We are happy to sign NDA’s (Non-Disclosure agreements) so your designs stay your designs!


6. Speed up the time it takes to get products to market! By having a 3D Printed part you can go for copyright, Patents or licensing faster with a physical part.


7. Don’t have CAD (computer aided design) to produce a file for 3D Printing! No problem we have you covered! With in house CAD we can turn your design ideas into a physical reality!


To conclude, using 3D Print N Scan to produce your 3D Printed Prototypes, through a close working relationship with us, will help to reduce cost, save money and add value to your business.