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Product Design

If we go back in time for a moment! For centuries people have been producing models to show their ideas to others, from chiseling stone and carving wood, to modern day machining and CAD, and with technology advancements in modern machines & materials, it is now even easier to get the desired effect for your designs and show case them as intended.

3D Print ‘N’ Scan, a professional 3D printing & Product Design service, can help turn your ideas, sketches, or 3D CAD models, into functioning physical scale models & products.

With state of the art 3D printers, CAD, scanning equipment & hand tools, we can work with you, or you can send your designs to us, to transform them and bring them to life.

v12 6mbBy using skills learnt over many years, 3D Print N Scan can produce commercial models with all the parts required, by handcrafting and machining, to produce finished parts with individual detail and finishes, then assemble them as one, ready to be displayed or used for sales and marketing or at an exhibition, where a scale model will attract a crowd and potential customers or investors.

Our models are produced with high grade plastics from our 3D Printers, in whole or in part, but we also have the experience to produce models in a different range of materials, to suit the design.

When producing a design/product, 3D Printing it can sometimes iron out problems in the design or assembly, not previously thought of, before manufacturing the real article, so it is advisable to consider this step along the way.

If you wish to commission 3D Print N Scan to help produce your design or design idea and help get it to market, we will make time to discuss your requirements with you in detail, and ascertain what you want to get out of the service, where it will be on display, what the lead time is for us producing the work, if you require a prototype model and will the model have any functionality and your deadline.

After that we will require any sketches, plans, PDF's and CAD files you may have to help with providing a quote.

If you decide you are happy with the quote provided, we will start on the design of some concepts for you to choose from, if you do not have any at this stage, or we can progress straight onto producing a 3D CAD design for you, then onto the building of the prototype model, keeping you informed at regular intervals with the progress, until the project is complete and the model is delivered.

If you require changes be made to the design, alterations can be incorporated at any stage during construction! But a charge might be incurred if work has already been carried out.

Large scale alterations may also affect the completion date, but will we usually try to implement minor changes without any additional cost or delays to you or the project.

Once we have produced you a physical prototype, it will enable you to test and try it, for fit form and function, so you can make any necessary changes that are required before mass production.

It is not uncommon to produce several iterations of a design, but with the use of our in house 3D Printing, the cost can be significantly reduced, to that of conventional machining methods.

We can then produce a pack of 2D manufacturing drawings along with the 3D files, documentation & a product manual, for your design to be manufactured through us or your preferred manufacturer of choice.

But ! Don't worry if you are unsure, weather your design can be manufactured or not, one of our team can take a look and let you know!  

3D Printing

But What are Rigid Opaque photopolymers / UV resins?

Rigid Opaque photopolymers / UV resins are a multipurpose material for visual models and engineering prototypes and products.

Compared against common engineering plastics, like standard ABS, PLA or nylon, Rigid Opaque Photopolymers / UV resins are stronger and stiffer than that of these or other industrial plastics.

Rigid Opaque materials / UV resins have mechanical characteristics closer to that of an acrylic than any other typical 3D Printed plastic, making them an ideal material for fit, form & function, sales & marketing, where functional testing, patterns, prototypes and models require high finishes and tolerances, to show case your designs.

3D Printing

3D Print N Scan offers high spec and finish polyjet, rigid opaque, 3D printed parts.

Dependent on part size & quantity, we work to a 2-5 day turnaround, with prices all inclusive, so you wont get any extra added costs.

The price quoted is the whole price including  P&P.

For 3D printing services, contact us today for a free no obligation quote.

3D Print N Scan uses rigid opaque, UV photosensitive polymer resins, printed on our own in house STRATASYS 3D Printers, which are laid down layer by layer onto a build plate.

Throughout the process, where needed, a support material is also placed down, to support the model as it is printed, allowing overhangs to be produced.

As each successive layer is deposited, it is cured with a UV light, which means the part is ready to handle straight from the printer.

Once the part is removed from the printer, it is given a jet wash, to remove the support material, leaving your part behind.

After printing the part can then be sanded, to a higher degree of surface finish.

With the fine surface finish that Rigid Opaque photopolymers / UV resins produce, the part can be spray painted with any acrylic automotive primer and paint, giving you a look like that of a car body panel.

Because rigid opaque parts are produced by layers of liquid polymer, it produces a 3D printed part with unnoticeable layers, which can look like injection moulded parts, this leads to a higher degree of function and fit, than that of other 3D Printing processes, see our design rules page for some helpful tips when printing with PolyJet.

Simply email us your design as an electronic file, for a free no obligation quote.

Do you require a small batch of parts?

We can provide production runs of parts for you!

If you require regular weekly / monthly batches?

Why not set up a B2B service agreement with us and take the hassle out of paying!

Safety when sailing is paramount!

So we were keen to help print the prototype TEAM O - AUTO LOCK fall arrestor!

Which was officially launched on the 14th November 2017 at the METS trade show in Amsterdam!

Why use 3D Print 'N' Scan

At 3D Print ‘N’ Scan we are committed to working with you, from concept to finished 3D Model. We have over 20 years experience in this and related fields.

From the conception of your product or design idea, we can help you take your idea to a fully working prototype or part, by listening to your requirements.

If you require functional working prototypes, parts and assemblies, with parts that move, printed in one go or individually, with or without assembly, then look no further!

We know sometimes it is hard to get your ideas across, so we take it upon ourselves, to be as understanding and as helpful as we can, to reassure you! and get the information required, whilst collaborating with you, so we can produce a RIGHT FIRST TIME product.

This in turn with 3D printing becoming an everyday commodity allows companies, individuals and entrepreneurs, to show and demonstrate to their clients and peers, their concepts and ideas.

Allowing them to hold feel and visualise the design, in turn, giving them a greater pitch and selling power, for a fraction of the cost, of current manufacturing processes.

By choosing 3D Print ‘N’ scan to produce your 3D Printed parts, you negate the need to purchase expensive 3D Printing equipment. As we take the burden from you, you also avoid the added cost of servicing, repair and employment of skilled design engineers.

At 3D Print ‘N’ Scan we use the latest equipment to produce the most intricate of models, to produce the bridges and overhangs that might be required, but don’t worry if your assembly is too big for our printer foot print, we might still be able to help you by printing the individual components and assembling your parts for you.

Why not let 3D Print ‘N’ Scan turn your digital designs into a physical reality! Simply email us your design as a digital CAD file or 2D drawing, for a free no obligation quote.


Software Design Integration

Software Services

Software Design Integration.

3D Print N Scan as well as offering 3D printed parts & bespoke models, have extensive experience in software development.

And specialize in software integration from product level to cloud and apps.

We can help you integrate our software with electronic analogue and digital technology as a standalone unit or part of a complete design package.

 For Software services, contact us today for a free no obligation quote.
software design integration


Electronic Services

3D Print N Scan as well as offering 3D printed parts & bespoke models,

offer a wide range of skills to help you integrate analogue and digital technology into your designs.

We can help you with embedded systems using the full range of available chips & peripherals and more.


 For Electronic services, contact us today for a free no obligation quote.


3D Print ‘N’ Scan are professional CAD designers. We can help turn your drawings or sketches into 3D digital designs and 2D detailed drawings.

We can either offer a bespoke or tailor-made service or simply help with the work load when you are unable to cope with an increase in demand.

With 20 years in the mechanical engineering sector, we can offer innovative design solutions for your engineering problems. And by outsourcing your design needs, you can save time and money and be able to concentrate on what you or your organisation does best.

Simply scan and email us your design, for a free no obligation quote!

At 3D Print ‘N’ Scan we are committed to working with you the client, from concept to finished 3D Model, and 2D detailed drawings.

By using 3D AUTODESK INVENTOR, CAD Software, we offer a 3D solid modelling service, making it possible to produce models, and collaborate with you on the design of parts and assemblies.

With, in house drawing management and 3D CAD advanced level qualified staff, we can offer you a professional service, to suit your needs.

And with 3D CAD becoming an everyday necessity, companies, individuals and entrepreneurs can now visually demonstrate rotatable concepts and models to their clients in meetings.

By choosing 3D Print ‘N’ Scan to produce your 3D CAD models and 2D drawings, we are also able to 3D print your 1:1, or scale models, as well.

Unfortunately, though 3D CAD packages are still not, at a price affordable to all, along with the added cost of employing a trained CAD technician or design engineer!

This is where we come in, by using 3D Print ‘N’ Scan, you negate the need to purchase expensive 3D CAD software and equipment, along with the cost of hiring trained skilled staff, as we take on that burden for you.

Get your ideas designed and the finished parts manufactured, in one place by us!

Simply scan and email us your design, for a free no obligation quote!

3D Scanning

Carb scan

3D Print ‘N’ Scan can help turn your physical parts into 3D CAD models.

With state of the art 3D scanning equipment, you can send your parts to us, to transform them into digital designs, from a physical part, by using reverse engineering.

We can then modify the 3D model to suit your needs, or send you the newly created 3D CAD file back, for you to do with as you wish.

Our 3D scanned models are produced by using blue light & laser technology, where we are able to capture complex geometry, producing extremely accurate 3D models.

Advantages of 3D Scanning

  • Time saved in R&D (Research & Development).
  • Non-contact while scanning, stopping any damage of parts.
  • Quickly capture all the detail of a physical object.
  • Create 3D models, for parts that were designed, before modern CAD technology.
  • Quickly measure scanned complex parts in a 3D CAD package.
  • Accurately check production parts for tolerance and possible wear on tooling.
  • Ensure parts manufactured in different parts of the world will fit together, without the need for shipping costs.
  • Scan existing physical parts, to allow casting moulds to be designed.
  • Reduce the need to keep re taking measurements, by capturing all dimensional data in one go, allowing unlimited quick and easy measurements to be taken on CAD software.
  • Reproduce a damaged object, which can be digitally repaired, using CAD software and reproduced, using 3D printing or CNC technology.

If you have any questions or would like some more information on our 3D Scanning service please...