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SCJS - 3 ft model of a forensic container

SCJS CONCEPT MODELIn 2017 3D Print 'N' Scan were commissioned by Sustainable Criminal Justice Solutions (SCJS) to produced a 3 ft model of a forensic container for international marketing.

They had previously approached a number of companies who were not able to provide this service without full CAD data.

They also had a 2 week window, for us in which to procure the materials and produce it, before it was to be shown at an international marketing trade show.

The basic design and CAD for the internal units, and the concept was produced and provided by SCJS.

Then with our in house CAD qualified staff, we then reproduced the 3D model in a suitable way, in which to produce all the parts using 3D Printing and hand crafting techniques along with other suitable materials.

The time frame was tight and it took a whole 7 days @ 14 Hours a day to produce, paint and assemble the model.

Since then it has been to numerous trade shows around the world, and helped with sales & marketing for their organization.

The initial idea proposed by SCJS was to 3D Print the whole model when they contacted us, but with the cost and short time scale needed to produce the model urgently a couple of week before the trade show, we opted to produce the parts, with a combination of 3D Printing and of the shelf products and materials to meet their required deadline.

Furthermore with material jetting producing a solid plastic part with next to no layer lines, the internal complex components could be 3D Printed with a high surface finish and painted to the color and finish required.

To show of the product similarly to what the final full production product would look like, we chose to use a 1:14 scale, ISO container kit, which we modified, adding partition walls, giving potential customers and investors a true look as to what the product would be like when the full size bespoke product was produced, because the model gives a physical representation of the real thing that people can touch and feel, it allows the parties to discuss requirements with ease in far greater detail than with just photos.

With the finished model showing what was required, with enough detail for the sales team at SCJS to discuss and get the information required from potential investors and clients, as to what they would require from the real unit when produced, it has been an invaluable sales & marketing tool. 

The SCJS team were so impressed with our service and the response they had at the first show, with the new model, they stated for us in a testimonial, that 5 stars were given on Google for the below reasons:
Ability to provide an accurate and prompt quote without the provisions of any CAD designs (we approached a number of companies who were not able to provide this).
Rhys from 3D Print 'N' Scan worked around the clock to ensure he could meet the very tight deadline we gave him to attend a Security Expo.
Rhys provided excellent customer service and was very attentive to understanding our requirements, which were very specific.
We asked Rhys to make some last minute changes to the model, which involved him having to repaint elements of the model. This was no problem for Rhys and was done very quickly.
As the model had to be transported Rhys ensured that it was packaged very well to ensure it wasn't damaged in transit (this even included a mini repair kit).
No problem was too small for Rhys.
The end product was of very good quality and detail.

We thank SCJS for this review! And hope to work with them again in the future on their next big project!

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