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SMS - Super yacht rudder system restoration

3D Print 'N' Scan were commissioned by SMS GROUP to 3D scan a wooden pattern, they produced for checking against their in-house CAD design, for a super yacht rudder system, restoration project.

The wooden pattern designed by SMS Group, was produced to physically check fit, form & function before metal casting took place, to see whether the new design would be suitable.

With the cost of casting and machining such a large bespoke part, with a limited time window in order to keep the project on track, all possible design errors and faults needed to be addressed, in order to make the part right first time.

With the wooden pattern produced, which was light weight, was easy to carry and make the necessary checks for its suitability by physically checking it against the yacht.

The pattern was then delivered to 3D Print N Scan Ltd. so we could scan it and provide them with accurate scan data of the object, to be used for a final check and overlay against their CAD design & manufacturing drawings.

With the part being quite large and having many curved surfaces, we have to place reference point stickers, on the object, so when the part is turned to scan another face, our scanning software can align the different scanned surface files accurately, to produce one part at the end.

The original scan file was apx. 300Mb giving extremely accurate data of the pattern, however for most PC's on the market this file size would take a week to open, so we reduced it to 25Mb, so it would open in a minute or two on an average PC using Autodesk Inventor or Solidworks.

The finished scan data had the results required which were so accurate, it allowed the CAD design produced by SMS Group to be checked against the scan data, providing them with the vital information required to verify their design for casting.

Many thanks to SMS for their testimonial: - Rhys, Provided us At SMS with an extremely timely Solution to the Scanning of part of our rudder system, for a Restoration Super Yacht currently under construction on the south coast.

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