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Team-O Auto Lock Tether


3D Print 'N' Scan were commissioned by Team-O to 3D Print the prototype housing for the Auto Lock Tether, a new safety device for sailors on yachts.

Designed by Oscar Mead from Team-O, this innovative device saves lives by locking off when subjected to a sudden shock / load.

The design is very similar in how it works, to that of a car seat belt locking off, when the tether / belt feeds out too fast.

On the 14th November 2017 we saw the AUTO LOCK TETHER make its grand debut at the METS Trade show, where it was well received. 

Then in 2017 it was shortlisted for the Dame design award in the lifesaving and safety category.

Following on from this success! In 2018 it also won overall winner in the Pittman Innovation Awards (USA) from SAIL Magazine.

Since then it has been funded via an online campaign for its tooling and full manufacture, where it reached its target and ended up being overfunded, showing the popularity & need for such a device!

The initial solution we proposed to Oscar of TEAM-O when he contacted us, was to produce the housing parts using our material jetting / 3D Printing system, the main reason being, was the cost and short time scale needed to produce the parts, urgently a week before the METS Trade show, where traditional methods with CNC machining would have cost many times more and taken far to long to produce the parts, going pass the required deadline.

Furthermore with material jetting producing a solid plastic part with next to no layer lines, it could be polished up to the high surface finish required, to show of the product similarly to what the final full production product would look like, giving potential customers and investors a true look as to what the product would be like when mass produced.

The finished prototype got the results required which were so accurate, it could be assembled with the real working parts inside and be bolted together, to be used not only used as a show piece but as a demonstration piece at events, where the physical workings and action of the product could be seen first hand.

Oscar Mead was impressed with our service so much! He has stated for us in a testimonial, that we offer a great service, with very quick turn around, where the Print quality was impeccable, and that he would recommend us to anyone looking for a high quality print.

We thank him for this review! And hope to work with him and the TEAM-O Team again in the future on his next big project!

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