Commissioning a model with 3D Print N Scan – And value for money!

Why is it so expensive to get a 3D model made?

Why is it so expensive to get a 3D model made?Clients regularly ask me… “Why is it so expensive to get a 3D model made?”

Faced with a quote from £35 to many thousands of pounds, even tens of thousands, for a part to a large detailed model, customers gulp at the price they see before their eyes.

So, let’s put it into context, a little more!

When a potential new client approaches us, they have seen toy shops full of plastic toys, at the common price charged (RRP) to consumers, and expect a bespoke model to cost the same!

Why is it so expensive to get a 3D model made? What we first need to understand is!

The toys you see in the shops are within the reach, and can be brought by consumers due to the quantity of a particular toy or product sold, usually produced in the tens of thousands or millions.

The initial cost of highly qualified degree level staff, CAD designs, prototyping, tooling, assembly & packaging, which can be in the hundreds of thousands, is spread across the quantity which will be sold.

Why is it so expensive to get a 3D model made?

Some companies will charge considerably less than 3D Print N Scan because they work a full-time job and produce models in their spare time, if you can get hold of them!

3D Print N Scan are an established 3D Printing and model making company, available at any time to help you with your specialist models and prototypes, with Honed processes that deliver significant on-time delivery results, with unrivalled supply chains and logistics management, who work closely with you, providing a working relationship that helps reduce cost and adds value to your business.

We provide an end-to-end service from concept to finished product, with a reliable material procurement process, allowing the fulfilment of your order.

We don’t outsource the model making process to companies in countries where overheads are cheaper.

If you want the cheapest and the fastest, other companies can offer this service, if you wish to pay as little as possible, if you wish to compromise on quality, or have delays in manufacture, you pay for what you get!

like wise you can also pay too much, but by commissioning 3D Print N Scan, we offer an increased value and unrivaled service for which our current clients have come to expect when using us.

Unlike FDM or SLA 3D Printing we 3D Print parts using Material jetting, which offers higher finishes, tolerances & a solid part, with no infill.

Our staff can offer finishing for your part(s) if you require a polished finish, and can paint your part to a color of your choosing.

So is your bespoke model worth that extra little bit of care and attention we give?

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